Polidelta Launches Grant Marketplace Innovation - ABC Family Startup U Cast


Polidelta launched August 25 creating a marketplace connecting grant writers with nonprofits through a proprietary algorithm and unique competition model. Innovate Your State is proud to be one of the nonprofits on board with Polidelta. Grant writers and nonprofits can learn more and sign up for the service at http://www.polidelta.com.

Untitled_design.jpg “Foundations award more than $50 Billion dollars to nonprofits every year, but the road from foundation to grant giving is slow and filled with potholes,” said John Frye, CEO and Founder of PoliDelta and ABC Family Startup U Cast Member. “PoliDelta is looking to re-pave this road and our first step to changing this landscape is using a blend of technology and competition to connect nonprofits with the perfect grant writer.”

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