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About IYS


Innovate Your State is a nonprofit (501c3) organization dedicated to educating and encouraging public participation to fundamentally improve government. Innovate Your State believes that through innovation and collaboration we can find solutions to the governance challenges we face today.

Innovate Your State bridges private sector innovation and ingenuity with policy and government to improve the lives of constituents through a “Venture Governance” approach.

Innovate Your State hosts impactful projects and events with the goal of improving government and governance outcomes. Entrepreneur empowerment, investor access, and government leader education are central to organizational activities.

The fundamental principles of Innovate Your State are the basis of the organization’s mission. The principles speak to the need for innovation and inspiration and guide all organization activities. Read more about our founding principles in the "Our Principles" section on the left.



Our Principles


Challenge the status quo by fundamentally transforming and modernizing government with a “fresh start” or an “entrepreneurial” mindset.


Provide for better representation and engagement of citizens and accountability of leaders to the people they represent. 


Improve incentives in education to achieve long-term economic prosperity and create a more educated workforce that is better prepared for the jobs of the future. 


Incentivize governments to be accountable to their citizens - compete for customers.


Create opportunities to improve the quality of life for hard working citizens across key sectors such as housing, infrastructure, social safety net programs and the environment. 


Clean up the failures and update methods of the last several decades that are preventing further success and progress. 

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