As the “Fix California Challenge” Comes to a Close More Submissions Move on to the “Successful Sixteen”


June 29th 2015                                                                                    Contact: Roger Salazar

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San Mateo, CA – With only one day left in Innovate Your State’s “Fix California Challenge” three more submission ideas advance to the “Successful Sixteen.”


The “Fix California Challenge,” Innovate Your State’s crowdsourcing effort to help resolve California’s governance problems, has generated over three-hundred and sixty ideas. Tim Draper, founder of Innovate Your State, commented, “I am excited to see all of the ideas the Fix California Challenge has brought about. With one day left, we are ready to take the top ‘Successful Sixteen’ submission ideas and transform one or more of them into action.”


Ten ideas submitted on have already secured a spot in the “Successful Sixteen,” and today Innovate Your State has announced three more ideas that will proceed to the next round:


The Public's Right to Know Act

o   This idea implements several reforms, including

o   All legislation provided in writing for the public and press to review 72 hours prior to final vote.

o   All legislative hearings videotaped and available to the public within 24 hours of occurrence.

o   Public information release in machine-readable formats.

o   A detailed release of the legislature’s spending.

o   Extend The Brown's Acts to the legislature and its committees.

o   A non-partisan Legislative Analyst Office.


CA Election Booklets: Expand Online to Include Video & Debates

o   This idea makes the voter guide an online tool for voters, where additional information may be included.  


Voting with Dollars

o   This idea gives registered voters a fixed amount of money to donate to the candidate or officeholder of his or her choice.


In addition to today’s chosen submissions the following submissions have previously proceeded to the “Successful Sixteen”:


Sunset Provisions for All Legislation

Six Super Counties

Unicameral Legislature

Open Data

Digital Direct Democracy

The eSignatures Initiative to Save Billions

Replace Every Congressman in California with Voting Software

Neighborhood Legislature Reform Act

Add a Law, Delete a Law

The First Free State in 150 years


The “Fix California Challenge” ends tomorrow. Ideas and votes submitted online to by June 30, 2015 will be reviewed and considered for the “Successful Sixteen” round.


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