Civic & Gov Tech Showcases Government & Governance Innovators

On October 28th, 2015, Innovate Your State hosted the first annual Civic Tech Showcase at Hero City in San Mateo. The event brought together entrepreneurs, investors, and government leaders to showcase innovation and encourage collaboration and support of new technologies to improve government. 


The morning including pitches from 20 dynamic organizations each working to innovate government in an unique way. During the afternoon portion, 30 companies showcased their offerings to interested investors, government leaders, and community advocates.

Innovative governance models highlighted include the Google Votes Project, Holacracy and Swarm. Presentations are viewable here.

Gov Tech companies featured including OppSites (a LinkedIn for real estate), Romulus and NextRequest. These presentations are viewable here.

Civic Tech stand outs included POPVOX (which just launched in California), Countable, and PlaceAVote which are viewable here.


Government innovator highlights including Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder Dean Logan who is working with IDEO on the future of voting and the State of California Little Hoover Commission's report on improving customer service

All Showcase presentations are available on Innovate Your State's YouTube Channel. Thanks to everyone who attended and participated and please sign up for updates on the 2016 Showcase. 

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