Civic Tech: Innovating Government Through Technology


Civic and Gov Tech continue to be hot topics when discussing ways to improve government and governance. The business and consumer sector has taken full advantage of advancements in technology, and the time is ripe for government to follow suit.

We see that Californians are thinking about this as they submit ideas to Innovate Your State’s Fix California Challenge. One submitter is working to create a “Tinder for Politics” where constituents can easily swipe to find candidates and issues that match their opinions and values. Their hope is that when more people are informed, voter turn-out will increase.

Another submitter envisions more transparency with representatives. They proposed RepTalk, a platform where constituents can easily learn about and engage with their representatives.

The hope is that implementing these types of solutions and new technologies will make it easier for people to get educated and engaged on issues, and in turn, more people will participate in government.

Do you have a Civic or Gov Tech idea that will improve government or governance? We want to hear it. Submit it today at or email us at

Top submissions will be selected to present at Innovate Your State’s 2016 Civic & Gov Tech Showcase on September 22 in Sacramento. RVSP for the Showcase today!

You can also check out last year’s showcase and sign up for updates.

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