Commonwealth Club National Podcast: Tim Draper "A Shark Tank" for Good Government

CWC_Logo_Full_Color.jpgPodcast first appeared at: Commonwealth California

Mon, Oct 5 2015

Tim Draper, Venture Capitalist; Founding partner, Draper Associates, DFJ; Founder, Draper University of Heroes

Bill Whalen, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution — Moderator

Successful Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper – who floated the idea of splitting California into six states – has a new project: The Fix California Challenge and a related website called InnovateYourState.Org. This is a self-described “Shark Tank” incubator for state government reform ideas. Draper hopes to push what he calls this new “venture governance” style effort to “innovate public engagement.” In July, Innovate Your State announced that out of 427 diverse submissions, eight were selected as finalists, and one of those will have an opportunity to win the “Fix California Challenge” and receive financial backing to get on the 2016 California ballot. Come hear Draper’s thoughts on this unusual approach to the political process and on the selection he believes has the best chance.  

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