Finalists Announced in “Fix California Challenge” Contest

Finalists Announced in “Fix California Challenge” Contest

More than 400 Ideas Submitted; Field Narrowed to the “Stately 16”

San Mateo, CAInnovate Your State today announced that out of the four hundred and twenty-seven diverse ideas generated by the Fix California Challenge, sixteen have been selected to move on to the next phase of the contest. These “Stately 16” finalists will have an opportunity to win the Fix California Challenge and perhaps a chance to get on the 2016 California ballot. 

“The response to the Fix California Challenge has been incredible,” said Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Innovate Your State founder Tim Draper. “The contest has generated some thought-provoking ideas on how to improve California. Innovate Your State has reviewed all of the ideas, great and small, and narrowed down the finalists to the ‘Stately Sixteen’ for the next round of judging. Over the next month, we will give these ideas further scrutiny and call upon experts to provide additional insight until we get a winner.”

These were ideas submitted by Californians from all walks of life. In total, the ideas submitted to the Fix California Challenge received over 6,600 votes and 1,100 comments. Here are the “Stately Sixteen” ideas, along with links to the details of each proposal:

  1. Six Super Counties – Reconfigure California’s 58 counties into fewer (6) super counties.
  2. Unicameral Legislature – Replace California’s two house Legislature (80 Assembly – 40 Senate) with one 120 Member Unicameral Legislature.
  3. Sunset All Laws – Require all future laws enacted by the Legislature to expire within a certain number of years and require bi-annual review and renewal of all previously enacted laws.
  4. Open Data – Incentivizing the release of valuable government information for public use.
  5. Digital Direct Democracy – Allow electronic signatures on initiative and referendum petitions.
  6. e-Signatures (DocuSign) – Allow all government documents to be signed by electronic signature.
  7. Jefferson – Propose creation of a 51st state of “Jefferson” severed from Northern California.
  8. Neighborhood Legislature – Create thousands of new “neighborhood legislative districts” to promote more voter accountability in the Legislature
  9. Add a Law, Delete a Law – Require a legislator proposing adoption of a new law to also repeal an old, unnecessary law.
  10. The Public's Right to Know Act – Require the Legislature to make all its written records public and to comply with public meeting requirements. 

To look at all ideas and votes submitted online, visit For more information on Innovate Your State, visit



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