IdeaHack Ignites Innovation and Brings “Venture Governance” Offline


A diverse group of coders, community advocates, investors, city staff, and interested Californians collaborated together at a “Fix California Challenge” IdeaHack held at Hero City in San Mateo.


The event opened up with special guest innovator Brian Purchia illuminating both the current state of affairs in California and the potential to improve. Brian cited his work with the City of Porto Alegre in Brazil and the City of San Francisco in California to give citizens access to information that is relevant and helpful to their lives. He showed a powerful video illustrating the potential of everyday people to change their government for the better.


Break out discussions took place in which many of the overarching issues facing California were discussed. Issues discussed included transportation infrastructure failure, lack of connection to elected officials, the drought/water crisis, and the inability of government to improve outcomes (commute time, health of citizens) due to lack of data and metrics.


One IdeaHack attendee identified the reason he was participating in the “Fix California Challenge” was, “To take our start up culture and get it out of Silicon Valley and into other parts of the state.”


Several ideas surfaced at the event including transparency on California water consumption data, 3-D modeling for development density and an app that pulls city and state officials public forum informationand makes it easily searchable by location/geotag/interest area.


Another example of successful government related hackathons was the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge that recently took place in Sacramento. The hackathon explored California’s Health and Human Services data, which was the first California state agency to make its data available to the public in this way. The hackathon was sponsored by the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS) the California Health Data project, a new statewide project funded by the California HealthCare Foundation's (CHCF) Free the Data Initiative to build a bridge between the State's health data and local communities


The “Fix California Challenge” IdeaHack was an inspiring evening with innovative solutions to today’s governance problems pitched by Californians.


Weren’t able to attend the event? You can host your own!


The IdeaHack Event Hosting Guide has everything you need to host a “Fix California Challenge” IdeaHack in your area. Email with any questions.


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