Innovate Your State Advances Four Government Reform Ideas to the Final “Forward-Thinking Four”

San Mateo, CA – Today Innovate Your State narrowed down the finalists in the Fix California Challenge to the “Forward-Thinking Four.” The Fix California Challenge, a crowdsourcing contest with the intention of finding ideas on how to fix California’s governance problems, generated a successful four-hundred and twenty-seven innovative ideas. After careful deliberation, four out of the over four-hundred ideas remain in the challenge and will continue on to the final phase of the competition where one winning idea will have an opportunity to be placed on California’s 2016 ballot.


Tim Draper, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and founder of Innovate Your State, commented, “I came up with the ‘Fixcal Challenge’ to give you Californians the opportunity to crowdsource yours ideas, bring them to me, and see if there was something there that was more important than anything else that could really change California for the better. You have responded in a big way. We got submissions and we have dwindled those down to sixteen, then eight, and now we are going to dwindle them down to the last four.”


The “Forward-Thinking Four” will receive additional examination until a winner is selected.


  1. Legislative Transparency and Accountability

The problem: The lack of transparency in California’s legislature has obstructed the balance of power and given a stronger voice to the powerful and well connected.

The idea: Implement a variety of open government reforms that will allow the public to easily access legislative information.


  1. Neighborhood Legislature

The problem: Our legislators represent more than 10 times the average number of citizens of all other states, making them less accountable and less representative than is ideal.

The idea: Create thousands of new “neighborhood legislative districts” to promote more voter accountability in the legislature.


  1. Add a Law, Delete a Law

The problem: Too many laws are being enacted and there is no real review of old laws or programs.

The idea: Require a legislator proposing adoption of a new law to also repeal an old, unnecessary law


  1. County Restructuring

The problem: The state has too much control over local issues and has virtually all the power to collect and distribute revenue, even though the counties are required to deliver many of the services.

The idea: Reconfigure California’s 58 counties into fewer (perhaps 6) super counties that would have more authority over local and regional matters.


“All four of these are fantastic ideas, but we are going to narrow it down to one, and hopefully we will get that one on the ballot for you,” said Draper.


The video announcement can be found here.


To look at all ideas and votes generated from the “Fix California Challenge,” visit and follow the conversation on social media using #FixCal. For more information on Innovate Your State, visit




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