Providing an Environment for Collaboration on Civic & Gov Tech Innovations to transform California’s Government

Sacramento, CA – Today, the nonprofit Innovate Your State together with the Sacramento Mayor’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosted the 2nd annual Civic & Gov Tech Showcase at the Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento, California. Hundreds of individuals attended the event, including government leaders, civic and gov tech innovators and investors. Attendees heard from a spectrum of companies, nonprofits, and government leaders working to improve governance through the application of technology. Program details with organization contacts are available here

The event opened with a press conference, hosted by the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, announcing the move of SupportPay’s headquarters from Silicon Valley to Sacramento. Speakers at the press conference included a representative from Greater Sacramento; Mayor-elect of Sacramento Darrell Steinberg; Founder of SupportPay Sheri Atwood; and Founder of Innovate Your State Tim Draper.

The Civic & Gov Tech Showcase kicked off with a keynote from Tim Draper and was facilitated by Abhi Nemani, Sacramento’s Chief Innovation Officer. This year’s showcase brought together innovators from across the nation to the state’s capitol, Sacramento, an area that, with its direct access to stakeholders involved in tech and policy decisions, Draper believes is the next center of civic innovation. “I think we can do something really transformative for government,” said Draper.

Attendees heard from organizations working to combat money in politics, improve campaign technology and some who are already working with governments to streamline service. Public sector innovation was also highlighted on the state and local levels.

The showcase included presentations from the following innovative leaders:

The Civic & Gov Tech Showcase, was originally inspired by the Fix California Challenge, a crowdsourcing contest with the intention of finding ideas on how to fix California’s governance, the platform for the nonprofit’s challenge, received hundreds of ideas and thousands of comments and votes. Winning ideas included Prop 54, The California Transparency Act as well as Voter, an application known as “tinder for politics,” which was represented at this year’s showcase.

Civic & Gov Tech Showcase video highlights will be posted to YouTube. Sign up for Showcase updates and more from Innovate Your State here.

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