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The Fix California Challenge has relaunched and is currently accepting ideas. With the upcoming elections, voting is a topic that is center stage. Some innovative voting ideas have been submitted to the challenge so far.

One idea is Voting Through Social Media to encourage youth engagement on the issues. Another is to implement The Voting Festival, which would bring people together in real time to engage in a fun festival setting.

The importance of innovating the voting process is clearly illustrated by the 200,000 completed transactions on the California Secretary of State’s website following Facebook’s prompt for users to register to vote.

A couple of reminders regarding deadlines and processes for this year’s elections.

  • Registered Californians have the opportunity to make their voices heard in the June 7 Primary Election.

  • For specialized information about what is on your ballot view Voter’s Edge.

  • Voters should follow the instructions according to the county they live in regarding returning Vote By Mail ballots and finding their polling place. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your Vote By Mail ballot is in the mail 3 days before the election (you can always drop off your ballot at any polling site in your county on election day).

And please remember to remind your network to register and vote (it is truly the most effective way!).

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