State of Government Innovation Survey


With so much happening on the national level in politics and government these days we want to know what you’re thinking.

Take our survey to share your thoughts on the current landscape and your ideas for how to innovate government.

Feel free forward this email and survey to people in your community as well so they can share their voice. And make sure you are signed up for innovator updates from Innovate Your State.


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  • 扬 韩
    commented 2018-01-06 00:43:39 -0800
  • Linda Briggs
    commented 2017-10-31 05:29:57 -0700
    took my interest
  • Linda Briggs
    commented 2017-10-31 05:29:05 -0700
  • George Morelli
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  • George Morelli
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  • Andrew Atkins
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-09-22 01:38:14 -0700
    Innovator Attitudes Survey Opportunity
  • Andrew Atkins
    @Andrew55266 tweeted link to this page. 2017-09-22 01:38:08 -0700
  • Janet Domingus
    commented 2017-09-07 08:10:43 -0700
    it’s crazy. where is the survey? Like everything else in Hilliard this is a mess.
  • Lois Maciejewski
    commented 2017-08-31 08:03:45 -0700
  • Chibor Chijioke
    commented 2017-07-27 03:38:25 -0700
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  • Jesse Lainez
    commented 2016-05-29 08:57:36 -0700
    drywall accesories
  • Jo Ikejiani
    commented 2016-04-20 09:47:09 -0700
    the article allows you’re mental cavity to proceed into over drive given the fact that min wage is still equal to modern day slavery, the constitution implements that we are equal but the standards of the poor and prestige a very different we should be ashamed because army vets return home homeless, that is not a democracy when men and women give up there lives to protect the borders of our country and the political ambitions of capitol