Opportunities for Innovators IN Government!


Two unique opportunities to improve government exist from friends of Innovate Your State working to bring innovation to government to improve outcomes for citizen customers. Innovate Your State believes in order to disrupt an industry like government you have to change policies and empower government with tools to better serve citizens.

New America California is investing in California based fellows who are working on innovative approaches to solving public problems. Fellows will receive a $30,000 stipend to support their work. New America CA's purpose is to network with innovators in other cities like New York City and Chicago and to infuse New America DC's federal policy recommendations with an expanded set of solutions being tested on the the ground. 

San Francisco Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation introduced the Startup in Residence program that includes a regional partnership with the neighboring cities of Oakland, San Leandro and West Sacramento. Startup in Residence connects government agencies with innovative startups to develop technology products that address civic challenges. The 16-week program builds upon the City and County of San Francisco’s successful 2014 “Entrepreneurship in Residence” pilot initiative, which produced 6 technology product innovations designed to meet local government needs.

The deadline to apply to New America is February 21 and February 18 to apply to Startup in Residence


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