Silicon Valley Business Journal: Tim Draper's Fix California Challenge has 300 ideas on how to govern the state better


This article originally appeared in the Silicon Valley Business Journal 

By Gina Hall

A lot of people think they know what it will take to repair California.

Venture capitalist Tim Draper’s crowdsourced Fix California Challenge received 300 idea submissions as of Monday for ideas to solve governance problems in the Golden State.

Draper funded a failed initiative in 2014 to divide California into six states. When the concept didn’t make the 2016 ballot, Draper founded a nonprofit he named Innovate Your State and launched the California challenge.

The competition is looking for creative solutions from Californians “to transform California and get it back on track.” Draper hopes that he can help transform the winning idea into a ballot initiative.

“We are starting to see some very creative ideas as part of the ‘Fix California Challenge,’” Draper said in a press release. “It is interesting to see the submissions as they come in. Californians know we need to fix this state and the ideas run the gamut; from thoughts on innovating our infrastructure to reforming government processes as they relate to businesses to ideas on California’s water crisis.”

Here’s a breakdown of the top issues entrants have addressed so far.

  • Almost 42 percent of the concepts submitted focused on how to improve representation and the legislative process. So far it has been the most-addressed topic in the competition and brought up solutions like a unicameral legislature and a tech-driven government.
  • Nearly 22 percent of the ideas dealt with infrastructure and water conservation. Between improving transportation and looking for new ways to save water, the issues were a major focus for concerned residents.
  • Close to 14 percent of the entries wanted to improve the state through business initiatives.
  • Ten percent of the entries were aimed at education. Ideas ranged from offering more college courses in high school to finding alternative ways to finance schools.

The deadline for submissions for the Fix California Challenge is June 30.

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