Silicon Valley Business Journal: Tim Draper's back — and he still wants to 'Fix California'

This article originally appeared in the Silicon Valley Business Journal

By Cromwell Schubarth


Venture capitalist Tim Draper hasn't given up on trying to solve the government logjam in the Golden State, although he concedes his "Six Californias" idea was a bust.


He issued a challenge on YouTube Tuesday, asking for ideas from Californians to "fundamentally transform California and get it back on track."


“I realize that not everyone was a fan of Six Californias, but most people agreed that something needs to be done to fix the state," Draper said. "That’s why I’m asking Californians if they think they have a better idea."


Draper said that if he hears an idea which he thinks will help "transform government," he will help to try to get it on the ballot.


That's more than he was able to do with Six Californias, an inititiative in which he hoped to win support for splitting the state into six new ones. He launched a petition drive in 2013 to get it on the ballot in 2016, but failed to get enough signatures.



"Most good ideas come through Californians innovating and collaborating with each other," Draper said. "We should be able to do the same with government, but unfortunately, our government is still stuck in the 1980s. They can't complete a project, like building a bridge or updating a computer system, without it being late, over budget, or even obsolete by the time of completion."


Draper said he is looking for ideas that will do six things:


— Challenge the status quo by adopting a “fresh start” or an “entrepreneurial” mindset.


— Provide for better representation and engagement of citizens that makes their leaders more accountable.


— Improve educational incentives to create a better-educated workforce.


— Make government more accountable to citizens through competition for them as "customers."


— Improve housing, infrastructure, social safety net programs and the environment.


— Clear away outdated programs that are hindering future success.


Draper set up a website where people can submit their ideas at and a separate website for Draper's nonprofit organization behind it at


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