SoCal Maker Con

The driving force and motivation behind this event is the emerging Maker Movement; a movement of amateurs, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, DIYers, students, and professionals united by nothing but the common desire to tinker, design, hack, innovate and invent. The great thing about the Maker Movement is that it is not a movement you join. It’s a movement you’re already apart of as long as you have a fundamental curiosity about the world and the basic human impulse to create something.

The Maker Movement is the future of how innovation and invention will occur. The movement is about democratizing the tools, knowledge, and expertise needed to produce and create products and services. The movement is not bounded by geographical limitations or proximity; it is about empowering people all over the world to collaborate and take initiative on their own ideas no matter where they live.

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November 07, 2015 at 12pm - November 08, 2015
1101 W. McKinley Avenue Pomona, CA 91768

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