Tim Draper Relaunches 'Fix California' Online Forum


This article originally appeared on March 28, 2016 on

California venture capitalist Tim Draper has relaunched his website for submitting ideas to "Fix California."

Draper's organization, Innovate Your State, is relaunching the website to provide a submission page where people can share their ideas and give input on ways to improve the state. This time, contest winners won't be named, but Draper said a good idea might get funding or be put on the ballot.

Last year Draper launched the the Fix California Challenge, seeking to fund projects and identify winners from crowdsourced suggestions.

Draper announced in a recent video that Innovate Your State received 500 ideas and more than 1,000 comments from the contest.

"We actually got four ideas funded in one way or another, that we decided we're going to do it again this year. So we're looking for ideas that will result in a positive transformation. Things that are going to be good with transparency, ideas for better educating our children, ideas to just how better to run California," Draper said.

Those four ideas either received funding — Opengov and Placeavote — or attempted to be put on the ballot — legislative transparency and county restructuring.

Last summer Draper also pitched a free one-year subscription for the OpenGov transparency platform to California counties. Draper is perhaps best known in the public eye for his controversial proposal to split California into six states.

To learn more about Innovate Your State's latest work bridging technology and government sign up for updates here.


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