The Crowdsourced Initiative - Prop 54


This November voters in California will be asked to weigh in on 17 statewide measures - ranging from recreational marijuana to two death penalty measures. This is on top of local measures and races and one of the most contentious Presidential races in recent history.

However, one of those California state ballot measures is not like the others.

Prop 54 - The “California Legislature Transparency Act” is based on an idea that was submitted by Sam Blakeslee to the Fix California Challenge, Innovate Your State’s online crowdsourcing contest with the intention of finding ideas on how to fix California’s governance problems.

Over the course of the challenge, nearly 500 ideas, over 1,100 comments, and over 8,000 votes were submitted to the website. Four ideas submitted through the challenge stood out and have since received additional support, including the “California Legislature Transparency Act.”

The California Legislature Transparency Act proposes implementing a variety of open government reforms that would allow the press and public to easily access legislative information through three main provisions;

  • Amend the California State Constitution to require each bill to be in print and posted online for at least 72 hours before it may pass out of either house of the Legislature

  • Require the Legislature to make video recordings of every official public legislative meeting available online within 24 hours

  • Ensure everyone has the right to record and share public proceedings to support an informed democracy

Tim Draper, founder of Innovate Your State, said “We applaud the proponents of the California Legislature Transparency Act for qualifying their winning idea for the November 2016 ballot. Our goal with the Fix California Challenge was to find ideas that would fix California’s governance challenges. This measure will help make government more accountable and responsive to the people it represents. I was pleased to contribute financially to the efforts and we look forward to Californians having a voice in November.“

For more information on Innovate Your State, visit and sign up for updates. To submit your idea or look at all ideas and votes generated from the Fix California Challenge, visit

For more information on the California Legislature Transparency Act, visit

And make sure you are registered to vote (for Prop 54 and more!) this November.

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