The Ideas Keep Coming: "Fix California Challenge" Has Received 300 Submissions


June 8th 2015                                                                                      Contact: Roger Salazar

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The Ideas Keep Coming: “Fix California Challenge” Has Received 300 Submissions; Deadline 6/30

San Mateo, CA – Innovate Your State today announced they have received 300 idea submissions as part of the “Fix California Challenge,” Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Tim Draper’s crowdsourcing challenge to find innovative ideas to solve the governance problems in California.

“We are starting to see some very creative ideas as part of the ‘Fix California Challenge,’” Tim Draper said. “It is interesting to see the submissions as they come in. Californians know we need to fix this state and the ideas run the gamut; from thoughts on innovating our infrastructure to reforming government processes as they relate to businesses to ideas on California’s water crisis. Forty-two percent of ideas focus on how to improve representation, clearly they feel we need to change with the way things work today. The deadline for submissions is June 30th, and we invite more Californians to collaborate with each other to come up with ideas to Fix California.”

An analysis of the ideas submitted to date shows that forty-two percent of all ideas discuss ways to increase representation and improve the legislative process. Ideas on improving representation are the most submitted for the Fix California Challenge.

Twenty-two percent of all ideas submitted deal with innovating California’s infrastructure or improving California’s water systems and policies. From roadways and waterways to bullet trains and public transportation, it is clear that there are a variety of infrastructure projects that could benefit from new thinking. The drought that has resulted in a state of emergency and local rationing has no doubt influenced innovative thinking on solutions including a crowd-sourced convening on water.

Fourteen percent of the ideas mention ways to improve California through business. Business reform and civic tech ideas have been trending and Californians are really thinking outside of the box on topics that improve government processes.

Education ideas have also been trending. In addition to being a core principleten percent of the ideas that have been pitched deal with ideas related to improving education outcomes.  Here are some examples of the ideas submitted to date:



Business / Civic Tech




The “Fix California Challenge,” is looking for ideas from Californians to fundamentally transform California and get it back on track. Innovate Your State, through “The Fix California Challenge,” will promote the ideas of everyday Californians as they pitch their ideas to fix California. To submit your idea or join the conversation and share your thoughts, visit

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