Three “Fix California Challenge” Submissions Proceed to the “Successful Sixteen” Round

IYS_Logo.pngJUNE 25th 2015                                                                                                                            Contact: Roger Salazar

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San Mateo, CA – With less then one week to go in the “Fix California Challenge,” Innovate Your State has started to announce submissions that are moving on to next round of their crowdsourcing challenge to bring forth innovative ideas to resolve California governance problems.

After an extensive review process, Innovate Your State is interested in hearing more about the following three ideas and is advancing them to the “Successful Sixteen” round.  

  • Sunset Provisions for All Legislation
    • As described by the submitter: “All new legislation, including ballot propositions, should be required to have a time limit and all existing legislation without a time limit should be amended to include such a provision…Poorly drafted laws, or laws with unanticipated consequences could be re-evaluated and redrafted or dropped from the books. This would allow laws to be reviewed periodically so that they can be terminated, amended or renewed.”
  • Six Super Counties
    • “Have six mega counties.” The idea is to create six “super counties” that would have more independence/authority over local and regional affairs. “Each mega county [would have] its own school district, water district, air resource board.” California currently has 58 counties of varying size that are required to deliver many of the services required by the state.
  • Unicameral Legislature
    • “Change the California state legislature from two bodies, [which currently consist of a Senate with forty members and an Assembly with eighty members,] into one body of one hundred and twenty members,” apportioned according to population.

The “Fix California Challenge” began in April, and has received nearly three-hundred and fifty submissions. 

Innovate Your State will continue to announce finalists for the contest as they are selected.

Although some finalists have been announced, it isn’t too late to submit your own ideas or vote on posted ideas at The challenge is open until June 30th, 2015. 

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