Three More “Fix California Challenge” Submissions Proceed to the “Successful Sixteen” Round


JUNE 26th 2015                                                                                                                                Contact: Roger Salazar

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San Mateo, CA – Innovate Your State today announced three additional top submission ideas that will advance to the “Successful Sixteen” in the “Fix California Challenge.”

The “Fix California Challenge,” Innovate Your State’s crowdsourcing challenge to find innovative ideas that will address California’s current governance issues, has generated over three- hundred and fifty ideas.

Three ideas submitted on have already moved on to the “Successful Sixteen,” and today additional submissions, if implemented, would utilize technology to increase California’s government transparency, efficiency and bring people closer to their government.

Open Data

o   Create governance models and funding mechanisms to modernize tools and processes to facilitate data sharing by granting local agencies funding, possibly through California Infrastructure Bank grants, for technology enhancements if they enact best management practices on open data sharing and management.

Digital Direct Democracy

o   Allows citizens to circulate and sign initiative petitions online using digital signatures.

The eSignatures Initiative to Save Billions

o   Digital transaction management that permits individuals to securely sign and manage documents online from tech devices.

In addition to today’s selected submissions the following submissions have already secured a spot in the “Successful Sixteen”:

Sunset Provisions for All Legislation

Six Super Counties

Unicameral Legislature

The Challenge is open until June 30th. Ideas and votes submitted to prior to the deadline will be reviewed and considered for the “Successful Sixteen” round.


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